1. Notice Me

From the recording Thinking Those Thoughts

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Notice Me

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I overheard you talking bad about me
Which only reaffirmed my fears
That your whole world would still go on without me
If I could somehow disappear
I do the things to try and make you notice
That I'm untypically unique
And now it seems like it's completely hopeless
To think you'll ever come to see

I need
I need you to notice me
I need
I need you to notice me

As I grew up they told me I was special
I heard the cheering from the stands
No matter what I would still win a medal
Only for being who I am
And now it doesn't matter what they told me
It makes no difference what I say
I only want somebody who can hold me
And tell me everything's OK

I wish that I could open up my eyes
And see you standing in the crowd
I wish that I could make you love me too
I wish that I could make you proud