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Thinking Those Thoughts

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In the forecast of my failure
I would hope to head back home
Pack up all my bags
With everything I own
Or trade it all away
And start again from scratch
With a guitar and a notepad
And the clothes upon my back

To the middle of the country
I would return to my hometown
And everyone would ask
Why did I do my traveling 'round?
And I’d have nothing much to show
And nothing that I owe
Just the poems of a past life
And a dozen songs or so

I’ve been thinking those thoughts too long
I’ve been singing the same damn song
I’ve been feeling like I did I this wrong
I’ve been thinking those thoughts too long

Are we caught inside the pattern
Of a story we believe
Where a simple twist of fortune
Could unlock everything
There’s a fate that I imagine
That my mind puts on replay
Why is it so hard to fathom
It doesn’t have to be that way